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We are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty, great friends and neighbors AND so blessed for the support we receive! Thank you – Cooper’s Creek Store Team

Store Hours of Operations

Monday            8:30am – 6pm

Tuesday            8:30am – 5pm

Wednesday        8:30am – 6pm  

Thursday          8:30am – 6pm

Friday               8:30am – 7pm

Saturday           8:00am – 7pm

Sunday             8:30am – 6pm

Deli Hours of Operations

Monday            8:30am – 4pm

Tuesday           8:30am – 5pm

Wednesday      8:30am – 4pm

Thursday          8:30am – 4pm

     Friday               8:30am – 4:30pm

     Saturday           8:00am – 4:30pm

Sunday             8:30am – 4pm


Food Service Ends at 4pm daily.

Please call ahead if you wish to pick up food after 4pm. 

*Store hours may vary slightly.

Local Event Schedule

We’ll be here!

27880 Morganton Hwy Suches, GA 30572

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